Compass Development Marketing Group consults on all aspects of pre-development planning and design, marketing, and sales on behalf of developers. We leverage the vast reach and deep, timely insights available through our unparalleled national network of brokers to achieve excellence in the form of bottom-line sales results.


Research & Analysis

Our research and analysis go beyond the expected to uncover emerging trends, untapped demands, and gaps in the market that can inform uniquely powerful marketing and sales strategies. Having collectively advised on hundreds of developments nationwide from luxury high-rises to single family home communities, our team has learned that by advocating for buyers’ desires, we can create optimal value for developers.


Planning & Design

Every market has its nuances. With 30,000 top-performing brokers nationwide we have current insights on what drives demand in New York, LA, and key markets in between. Translating those insights into value is the special expertise of our planning and design team. Every element of every floor plan, amenity space, and service offering is evaluated to create the experience buyers in that market desire most today.

The most important questions we ask during the planning and design phase are 'What is marketable today? What are the most important features for buyers in this location? What will they pay more for?

Caroline Statile, Head of Planning & Design


Marketing & Branding

What’s your story? This is where we begin with every project. We create a unique protagonist and a compelling plot line. Because a list of amenities, no matter how impressive, doesn’t drive real desire.

We move developments from commodity to one-of-a-kind. Whether whisper campaign or high-profile media debut, it’s purpose- designed to connect with the most relevant audience.

You have to be more than just a list of features. We look beyond your property's attributes - special as they are - to find the story that sets it apart.

Krysen Heathwood, Senior Managing Director


Sales/Leasing & Operations

We create sales and leasing plans that are holistic and seamlessly orchestrated. Our senior team is involved not only in the development of strategy, but also in its execution. This attentive oversight positions us to adjust in real time – amplifying what is succeeding and amending or eliminating what is not.

In a fluid market, where conditions may shift and a development may change from condo to rental or vice versa, our expertise with both business models is a valuable asset. Developers know we can go the distance with them no matter what.

Full-Service Creative Agency

Compass Development Marketing Group also offers our developers access to Committee Creative, an in-house creative agency specializing in brand and asset creation for new development projects.

From the creation of marketing and sales tools to the development of lead-generating print and digital media, we will work with your team on every aspect of brand awareness and marketing strategy. This collaboration starts with the brand identity and dynamically evolves throughout the leasing or sales process.

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